Meet Singing For Pleasure

Glynis Rogers - Musical Director


Royal School of Music trained Glynis is the backbone of Singing For Pleasure since its creation in 1980.

Glynis arranges all the music for the choir.

Steve Povey - Accompanist


Favourite piece of music: O Holy Night

Andrew Rogers - Assistant Musical Director


As youngest son of Glynis and Cliff, it was only natural for Andrew to follow in his parents' footsteps. 

Favourite piece of music: A Touch of Rodgers & Hammerstein


Marilyn Dodson


What being in the choir means to me:

Since joining Singing For Pleasure in 2000, SFP has become a huge part of my life.  Singing has always been a huge part of my life from a very early age and after very sad times, I was so pleased to find the choir which I enjoy so much.  I have performed in many concerts and helped to raise so much money for many very needy causes.  I have made so many friends and in particularly made some very lasting friendships with some very special people which means so much to me.  For this I am sincerely grateful and really admire all the wonderful work which Glynis and her family do to make all this possible to keep the name of Singing for Pleasure going especially in memory of dear Cliff who I know would be really proud of how the choir is progressing. 

Favourite piece of music:

Linda Loo


What being in the choir means to me:

Friendship, lovely harmonies taught in an enjoyable, fun way, beautiful songs and the pleasure of a concert that we have worked hard at producing, which means money for a charity.  Lastly cake!!

Favourite pieces of music: Elizabethan Serenade, Bridge Over Troubled Water & Barcarolle

Diane Pledger


What being in the choir means to me:

A chance to sing a great variety of music; making new friends; fundraising for charities.  I always feel tired on Friday evenings, but once I get to choir rehearsals it's such a joy to sing that I forget feeling weary and go home happy.

Favourite pieces of music: Wind Beneath My Wings, And This Is My Beloved & Love Theme from Titanic

Jenny Roden


What being in the Choir means to me:

A sense of belonging and the "feelgood" factor the variety of music and friendship that the group brings.  Learning and practising songs in order to be the best we can be.  Enjoying ourselves and raising money for charities.  A refreshing therapy!!

Favourite pieces of music: I Believe with Ave Maria & The Lord Bless You and Keep You


Lesley Stevens


What being in the choir means to me: 

I joined the choir around 2005, I have made a lot of friends the people are really lovely, I love doing the concerts we sing a wide range of music, and we have raised over £200.000 for mostly local charities i.e. Herts air ambulance, Marie Curie and willow foundation. We do a Christmas concert every year which I love doing, and we have even travelled abroad to sing  

Favourite pieces of music: Pachelbel's Canon in D & Lascia

Judy Arnold


What being in the choir means to me: 

The choir means so much to me as it has always been a dream of mine to belong to a choir, but I thought I would have to audition, not with Singing For Pleasure. Now I enjoy every Friday evening, as it gives me a real buzz.

Favourite piece of music: Fields Of Gold

Gwyneth Fox


What being in the choir means to me:

I've spent many happy years singing with SFP.  I have enjoyed the variety of songs we sing and look forward to rehearsals on a Friday night.

Favourite pieces of music: Barcarolle & Love Theme from Titanic

Lynn Gibbs


Favourite pieces of music: Barcarolle, Impossible Dream, Ave Maria & A Touch of Rogers & Hammerstein

Pat Goodwin


What being in the choir means to me:

I was a sportswoman, keep fit instructor, badminton player and latterly, flat green bowler.  Being competitive I realised that I was coming to the end of my successes and decided to look for another interest.  I had been married to a singer and now had a son who was a very keen amateur singer and I was part of his audience when called upon.  Consequently, although I cannot read music, I did recognise most of the songs from musicals, so when I noticed an advert some years ago for singers, no auditions, no sight reading I realised this could be an opportunity.  I have never looked back!  Now, sometimes, my son is my audience, even if he isn't I still get a thrill from singing, even rehearsing as well.  Thanks to Cliff and Glynis Rogers I was hooked. I was very glad when Glynis felt able to carry on even without the support of her beloved Cliff, but I'm sure he is always there in spirit.

Favourite pieces of music: Bring Him Home & And This Is My Beloved

Christine Hiscott


What being in the choir means to me:

I have been with the choir since 1992, in that time we have sung many songs from musicals to John Rutter.  That's one of the reasons i enjoy the choir so much, there's so much variety.  I find singing is one of the best ways to lighten your mood and have made so many good friends.  Come and join us!

Favourite pieces of music: A Gaelic Blessing & Wind Beneath My Wings

Brenda Lawrence


What being in the choir means to me:

Well I love to sing and SFP helps me to do just that. Also, it's a chance to socialise (coffee and tea break) with the rest of the members. This is a very pleasant way to spend a Friday

Favourite piece of music: And This Is My Beloved

Delia Mugford


What being in the choir means to me:

I find singing such a therapeutic pastime which I enjoy so much, and am delighted to be part of a choir giving concerts in the community and raising money for such worthwhile causes.

Favourite piece of music: Elizabethan Serenade


Sue Ould


Favourite piece of music: Elizabethan Serenade 

Margaret Washington


What being in the choir means to me:

The first time I saw Singing For Pleasure performing was in 1984 and I remember thinking “How wonderful it must be to be part of that choir – they are so obviously enjoying entertaining us with their singing!”.  It wasn’t until 20 years later, in 2004, that I plucked up the courage to go to the Vineyard Barn with a view to joining the choir. I was hooked from the start! Friday evenings were a delight. Singing provided the perfect wind-down after a busy week at work – a relaxing start to the week-end, and new friendships.   It’s always a joy to see the smiling faces of our audiences as we sing for them, and to know we are also raising money for various charities. It is indeed wonderful to be a part of Singing For Pleasure choir. 

Favourite pieces of music: Bring Him Home and Hallelujah


Freda Woods


Favourite piece of music: Bring Him Home


Marion Cleveland


Ann Davies


What being in the choir means to me:

The choir means spending a happy Friday evening singing, smiling and feeling good about life.  I go home every week still smiling.

Favourite pieces of music: The Little Shoemaker & Pachelbel's Canon in D with The First Noel

Jill Longman


What being in the choir means to me:

I always enjoy my time with SFP.  They're a friendly, cheerful bunch and I really like the wide variety of music we sing;  one minute it's Mozart, the next it's Freddie Mercury.  The very best times are when certain pieces come together particularly well - Caccini's "Ave Maria" perhaps, or Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".  There is a very special joy in singing in a group, all giving it our best shot - goosebumps! 

Favourite piece of music: Bring Him Home

Sylvie Nichols


Sylvie is the longest standing member of the choir.  It is also largely through Sylvie that Singing For Pleasure was twinned with French choir A Coeur Joie Arabesque.

What being in the choir means to me:

Music and singing in a friendly atmosphere.  Singing for charities is great!  SFP has been part of my life for 31 years!  It has kept me going and given me companionship and music for life!

Favourite pieces of music: Harmonia Mundi & Bring Him Home

Linda Paul


What being in the choir means to me:

Singing For Pleasure ends the week perfectly for me.  It is so good to hold the choir on a Friday night after a sometimes stressful week.  I love how a piece of music I really haven't enjoyed learning finally comes together and sounds amazing.  Glynis can work wonders with us.

Favourite piece of music: An American Trilogy

June Redgrove


What being in the choir means to me:

As I cross the bridge over troubled water to the stairway of love, I wonder why someone fired a Canon at R&H and who threw the coins in the fountain. I believe Maria might have had something to do with it. As the Titanic theme goes on and on and on I yearn for fields of gold. Hallelujah.

Favourite pieces of music: Hallelujah & Fields Of Gold


John Taylor


What being in the choir means to me:

I enjoy the friendship of choir members and singing sweet melodies. 

Favourite pieces of music: The Lord Bless You And Keep You & Thank You For The Music